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NET+ARM Processors :
NetSilicon's NET+ARM family of processors is net-centric SOC implementations of ARM's industry standard 32-bit architecture.

NET+Works 6.0

The development kit provides all the hardware and software tools and applications software you need to control and network your devices.






Internet Inside Chip – iinChip (TCP/IP Hardwired IC) brings embedded Internet Connectivity to the Non-OS devices as easy as drop-in component module. Compared to the software solutions on RTOS, iinChip enhances up to double the performance and lessens up to half the cost.





MCSLogic’s MLN7400 16/32-bit RISC micro controller is a cost-effective, high-performance micro controller solution for embedded Internet.
The MLN7400 is built around an outstanding CPU core: the 16/32-bit ARM7TDMI RISC processor designed by Advanced RISC Machines, Ltd.






A member of Embedded Solutions Group. To provide the integrated solution with several widely coverage h/w chips in the world. Product lines include s/w, module, and development tool kits for the popular chipset in the market.





The Fusion product line (Fusion Net, Fusion Secure, Fusion RTOS, Fusion Web, and Fusion Flash File System) from Unicoi Systems increasingly meets the ever-changing needs of embedded developers. With a solid, 20-year track record, the Fusion line of embedded source code products has what it takes to perform in diverse, intelligent devices.





Equipped with 32bit CPU and high functional capability to process multimedia, SoC enables easy and fast development of a high performance multimedia system with only the addition of memory and analog device.
- JPEG, MPEG1/2/4, DivX, H.263/264 Encode/Decode
- 2D/3D Graphics Processor
- Image Processor
- Various User Interface functional blocks





MicroWeb is a technology leader in the field of network cameras. Dedicated to the idea of smarter cameras, we focus on quality products that take advantage of the convergence of digital imaging, IP networking, and small compute engines.





The worldwide sales channels to provide PC based peripherals like, wireless LAN card, USB series products, Motherboard, LCD Monitor, FDD, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, CRT Monitor, and Mobile phone.



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